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Message Apps: +81 8013074973

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2-11-6, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, JAPAN
Tel: 03-6807-3966
Message apps: +81 8013074973


お客様の声... (英語)

"Kenji works magic when the pair of scissors is in his hands. If you are looking for a hairstylist who can work wonders on your hair, look no further. Kenji is the person you can entrust your hair with. I left the salon with a huge smile on my face."  -Sheryn C.

"I have been getting my hair cut in New York City for twenty years, and Kenji is by far the best stylist I have ever worked with. I have been a very happy client for the past three years and wish Kenji were not moving to Japan!"  -Jon L.

"I have been a client for several years and completely trust Kenji with my hair. He is smart and always has great suggestions. Additionally, I've been told by other stylists that my hair is difficult to work with as it shows the mark of every cut and doesn't blend well. He does a terrific job on my hair."  -Matt B.

"i've been going to kenji for years now and he never fails to impress. gives me the best haircuts - always have people asking where i get it done! you can either tell him what you want or ask for suggestions and he always make it look good."  -Mikki B.

"Kenji is the man. I have been going to Kenji for the last eight years. I left NYC five years ago and I still go to him for haircuts whenever I travel to the City. He was recommended to me as a specialist in Asian hair, but he is great with all types of hair according to my (non-asian) friends whom I referred to him. He's also just a really really cool guy."  -Jessica W.

"Lovely experience – I thought I might say that Kenji is very sensitive and listens to a vague concept that I present to him. He Is an artist. - ! People adore the haircut.- they say I am an advertisement for him! ( I love it too!)"  -Fenell at Citysearch

"I had Kenji cut my hair and he is truly an artist. I came in with hair that was long and shaggy in the back and with disconnected bangs. I had so much going on with my haircut; I didn't think anyone could fix it. Kenji worked his magic and smoothed out my hair and everything is in perfect unison! Magic, I tell you!!!"  -chicago1000 at Citysearch

"My hair stylist is "Kenji" and the service I receive is fantastic. My appointment is always on time and I'm never kept waiting. I love the way he cuts my hair and even when I can't explain what I want, he always cuts it exactly the way I wish. I highly recommend this stylist. You will not be disappointed."  -shopaholic62 at Citysearch

"Kenji - Talented with great vision!!"  -Nicole J.

​"I cried when I heard Kenji was leaving NY. My hairstyle and my lifestyle will never be the same, unless of course I fly to Tokyo."  -Jon F.

​​Your hairstyle. Your lifestyle.​​

​​​​​From New York City