Special Benefits for Guests:

First Time Discount:

​20% OFF all services for your first time visit.

Pre-Booking Discount:

Pre-book your next appointment on the day of your service, you will receive 10% OFF discount when you return.

Free Shiatsu Massage: (*Suspended at this moment)

Ease your tension & stress away during your visit. All services come with the complementary shiatsu massage. (Upper-back & shoulder. approx. 10min.) 

​Services & Prices ​*All Prices are tax included.

2-11-6, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, JAPAN
Tel: 03-6807-3966
Message apps: +81 8013074973
Email: contact@kenji-hairstylist.com

Mobile Hairstyling Services

*Please contact me for a consultation.

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​*All Prices are tax included.

Credit cards available:

Visa, Master, Amex, JCB, Diners Club, Discover

QR code payments available:

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Additional Services

Shampoo & Blow Dry:   ¥5,000

*N/A to any discounts.

Blow Dry following Color/Perm:   ¥4,000

Specialty Styling:   ¥6,000 - ¥13,000

*N/A to any discounts.

Deep Conditioning treatment:  ​from ¥5,000

Permanent Wave

Regular Perm:   from ¥8,000

Straight Perm:   from ¥14,000

(Thermal Reconditioning)

*Color/Perm prices do not include Blow Dry,

but recommended for your maximum result.


Single Process:   ​from ¥8,000

Highlights / Starburst:   ¥7,000

Highlights / T-Section:   ¥9,000

Highlights / Half Head:   ¥12,000

​Highlights / Full Head:   ¥17,000

Balayage / Ombre:   from ​¥17,000

Extra Process (Gloss/Tone):   from ¥4,000

Haircut by Kenji Suzuki


*incl. shampoo & blow dry

Under 12 years old - 50% off 

Junior high students - 30% off

 High school students - 20% off 

Let Kenji work with you to find a style that

not only follows trends, but also brings out your own personal beauty. KENJI SUZUKI, English-fluent hairstylist has been entrusted in the hands of New York City's stylish clientele over 25 years. Come visit KENJI in Azabujuban today to experience his NYC-acquired skills & knowledge for your hairstyle and your lifestyle. 


​​Your hairstyle. Your lifestyle.​​

Shinbashi, Tokyo


​​​​​From New York City


Phone Call:     03-6807-3966

Message Apps: +81 8013074973

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