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2-11-6, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, JAPAN
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Maintaining salon's sanitary condition is always our priority.

We have been taking extra precautionary measures to protect our client's health in the salon, including the lists below:

▪ Enhanced cleaning and disinfection of all surface in the salon.

▪ Kenji is the only stylist here and taking one client at a time.

▪ Reducing capacity to limit the number of clients per day. (max 3-4 persons)

▪ Sterilizing/Disinfecting all equipments after use per client.

▪The air circulation system in the salon enables the air to be completely refreshed 10 times each hour.

For Spring / Summer time:  Air ventilating all day as keeping the front door open.

For Fall / Winter time:  We keep maintaining salon temperature at 21°C or higher with 40 - 50% humidity during the business hours to reduce absorption of viruses though our nasal passages.

▪ Spacing in-between appointments to sanitize and refresh air in the salon even more.

▪ Asking hands sanitize and temperature check at the salon door.

▪ Stylist (Kenji) wears a mask all time and asking client to do during our session.

▪ Asking client to wear a robe during service to limit contact to salon equipments.

▪ Asking to limit personal belongings to the salon.

▪  Single-car parking and 3-Bicycle parking space are available for those who are not comfortable taking public access. (During appointment time only)

*Unfortunately those services below are suspended at this time:

▪ Free Shiatsu massage​​

▪ Offering beverages in the salon

Thank you very much for your courtesy as we are in the era of living with Corona,
I am looking forward to seeing your healthy, happy face soon in our meticulously clean salon!

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Sanitation and infection control


Phone Call:     03-6807-3966

Message Apps: +81 8013074973

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